Gift Shop Museum

1. What does Anasazi mean?

2. How was the first pottery made?

3. What happened because of the large draught in 1275 A.D.?

4. What caused the Anasazi’s teeth to decay and become weak?

5. Why did the Anasazi’s knock holes in the bottoms of some of their pottery?

6. What were the Anasazi’s paint brushes made from? How were they made?

7. What were some of the toys the Anasazi children played with?


Pueblo Museum

1. What are the three parts of an Atlatl?

2. What did the Anasazi women use to make their jewelry? Name two of the materials used in making of their jewelry.

3. Name some of the methods used in hunting jack rabbits and other small animals?

4. How did the Cliff Dwelling Indians’ cradle board differ from the Basket Maker Indians cradle board?

5. How did the Basket Maker Indians cook in a basket? How did they store water in a basket?

6. What are the tools needed to build a Basket Maker pithouse?

7. What kind of corn was grown by the Basket Maker Indians?


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