An educational experience geared towards kindergarten through 5th grades.

Students will experience an up close and personal look into the life of the Anasazi. Here they will learn about Anasazi culture, including how they farmed, hunted, and endured.

Highlights Include:

Recommended for grades K through 5

Educational student and teacher study guides are available, see link below:

Student Quiz:
1. Cliff Dwellings Quiz
2. Gift Shop Museum and Pueblo Museum Quiz
3. Messages on Stone

Teacher’s Guide
1. Gift Shop Museum and Pueblo Museum Quiz
2. Cliff Dwellings Quiz

We do fill up quickly, so please contact us as far in advance as possible for best available dates and times.  Tours available September through May only.  Due to traffic and volume we do not offer tours June, July or August.  Special rates are available for Scouts groups, daycares, and summer camps.  Please contact Michele Hefner at:
719-685-5242 ext. 18