Cliff Dwellings

1. What is the difference between a petroglyph and a pictograph?

2. How did the Cliff Dweller people close their doors and windows?

3. What is a metate stone?

4. When a couple married, whose home did they move in to?

5. How did the people store their corn and other food for future use?

6. For what purpose were the areas behind the Cliff Dwellings used?

7. Draw a diagram of a kiva and label the following: air deflector, fire pit, sipapu, storage shelves, fresh air shaft, and pilaster.


Kiva Ground Plan

8. Which was the most common type door used in the cliff dwellings, T-door or rectangular?

9. Why did the people build their homes, one room on top of the other?

10. Give two examples of how the Ancestral Puebloans stayed warm in the winter?